To celebrate the launch of Symbol and to highlight the fact that NEM will become a two chain ecosystem, we are excited to invite all blockchain enthusiasts — large and small — to participate in a unique Global Exchange Trading Tournament, which we believe will be the largest trading competition ever.

The Exchange Tournament will include multiple regional and global exchanges including Binance, Huobi,, Bithumb, OKEX and AEX across a 3 week trading period, with 3 distinct waves, providing up to $500K in fiat and token prizes. More participating exchanges will be confirmed.

Waves 1 and 2 will focus…

NEM NIS1 and 2021

Kristy-Leigh Minehan, CTO NEM Software

It seems fitting that my first post should start where it all began: NIS1.

Since joining NEM Software, I’ve felt a bit like an archaeologist — chipping through commits and dusting off dated forum posts. NEM’s past and present are at times a labyrinth, and NIS1 is no exception. But finally — after three-and-a-half months — I think I have an inkling of where we need to go.

Normally, a project like NIS1 would be put through a traditional development lifecycle — but the catch with blockchain protocols is that they…

Launch on track for 14th January 2021

In another big step towards the launch of Symbol on 14 January 2021, Symbol has successfully completed a security audit carried out by Trail of Bits.

The objective of the assessment was to engage external Blockchain security specialists to review that the design and implementation of the Catapult code base for Symbol is secure.

In June 2020 NEM Group and Trail of Bits began conducting a review of the security of the Symbol Core, API, REST and SDK components. An initial assessment took place in June 2020 of the underlying platform, a delta…

The development team has taken another significant step towards the launch of Symbol following the announcement of the final Testnet update on Symbol.

Following rigorous testing and bug fixes from the development and testing teams, Symbol technology is nearing readiness for public use. The code is now frozen, and the technology will become version 1.0 upon mainnet launch on 14th January 2021, opening up the Public Chain to use by token holders, businesses, and other partners around the world for a wide range of use cases.

With the code now frozen and the tech development complete, the final phase of…

Ethereum is famous for its powerful smart contracts and unstoppable decentralized public network. Unfortunately, it can be slowed by congestion, become expensive to operate, and have difficult security management.

Hyperledger is known for its advantages in private networks — high speed and low operating costs. But it isn’t decentralized and it’s not designed to be interoperable with public networks.

As a private blockchain platform, Corda was designed to bring transparency and trust to interactions, while maintaining privacy and security. But as an enterprise service, it can be costly to run.

Kevin Leffew, Storj Business Development (KL)

Dave Hodgson, NEM Group CIO (DH)

Bader Youssef, IoDLT CTO (BY)

Let’s start with some introductions — if we can start with you Kevin, could you give us an introduction to Storj?


My name is Kevin Leffew and I lead Business Development here at Storj Labs. Spearheading our open source partner ecosystem, as well as working with partners and building solution architects that leverage the decentralized cloud in a way that’s more performant, more economical, more secure, more reliable, and more resilient than centralised options. …

NEM & Propine — Delivering Asset Tokenisation using Symbol blockchain

Propine has recently announced their partnership with NEM. Propine is a full end-to-end securities service and this partnership between NEM and Propine will enable users to issue, custody, manage and customize security tokens on Symbol. Users will be able to take advantage of Propine’s fully compliant custody services to ensure safe token maintenance and delivery.

In this Q&A with Wong Liang Zan, Propine’s Chief Technology Officer, we delve into the partnership and why they chose Symbol, how they integrated Symbol, the technicalities of the integration, and a bit about asset…

Scrutiny of election processes and the extent to which they are manipulated has increased dramatically since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to the point now where citizens no longer believe in a fair and honest electoral process. Using blockchain technology to facilitate transparent and trustworthy elections could encourage more participation and belief amongst citizens, so why are governments so slow to adopt it?

Representation and legitimacy are concepts that these days are presented in the same sentence as the word crisis. Multiple governments’ poor handling of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world have only made the problem more acute. …

Symbol Tutorials is where you can be introduced to Symbol from NEM. Learn all about Symbol advanced features and enterprise-grade functionalities, and how they apply to everything from simple transactions to Multi-Level-Multi-Sig enhanced security transactions.

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ABOUT NEM Group Ltd.

We exist to ensure that the NEM ecosystem is a significant contributor to the next evolution of blockchain by ensuring mainstream adoption and use of NEM’s blockchain solutions. This can only be achieved through a strong, healthy ecosystem that works together through collaboration, transparency and openness. Because together, everything is possible.

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I feel that now is the time to share some thoughts as we begin to establish NEM Group (NGL) within the NEM ecosystem and complete the transition from Foundation.

I want to clarify some key points about NGL and its role, what the focus and priorities are and how we can start to energise and grow the NEM ecosystem to be successful.

Our ecosystem comprises 4 distinct but interrelated components;

We recognise that the blockchain space has seen an explosion of chains and projects. This will inevitably be followed by consolidation and result…

NEM Official (Editors)

NEM is the first Smart Asset Blockchain. World class platform for asset management.

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